Talon KTM Silver Swing Arm with Black Chain Guide (65cc)

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Product Description

Silver Swing Arm with Black Chain Guide

  • Increased compliance and reduced mass allow for greater control.
  • Reduced Swingarm Mass, Suspension Effects: Due to a reduction in un-sprung mass the suspension and rear wheel assembly can accelerate at a greater rate keeping the wheel tracking the ground at a higher speed (less likely to "bounce" and become unsteady in whoops or rapid movements). Also, as the shock sees less force it will not be as prone to overheating and therefore damping performance won't suffer over a longer race as much as a heavier swingarm.
  • Greater Adjustment than current market leader, additional +5mm of adjustment in swingarm length, an extra position of chain guide adjustment for larger sprockets.
  • Increased compliance of the swingarm allows for a more confidence-inspiring "plush" feel so that youngsters can push the limits harder through rough sections and have better control during hard landings.

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