Samco Sport KTM Orange Radiator Hose Kit

Ktm Hose Kit - Model & Year
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Product Description

Road Silicone Hoses

  • Fit and forget Lifetime Warranty.
  • Zero block tooling technology results in open junctions, free from restrictive flashing which increases coolant flow.
  • Single molded, y piece hoses eliminate the need to re-use OEM 3 way fittings which reduces weight and eliminates leak points..
  • Smooth flow and improved insulation promotes radiator efficiency improving engine cooling.
  • European grade high temperature silicone guaranteed to 356°f.
  • Premium quality Samco stainless steel clip kits.
  • All hoses and clip kits made in Great Britain.
  • The above product photos are used for illustration purposes only and may vary slightly.

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