Samco Sport Husaberg Blue T-Piece

RRP $131.25
Husaberg T-piece - Model/year

Product Description

Samco Sport T-Piece

  • These unique frame T-Piece parts have proved hugely popular over the past year being used by race teams at all level.
  • These frame T-Piece hoses are also perfect for use on Enduro and Hare N Hound race bikes.
  • All hand made in the UK and lower temperatures greatly as the OEM part restricts coolant flow.
  • This allows better coolant direction, and the bikes run noticeably cooler.
  • With 100s of this product sold you are sure this is the right part to buy for any owner.
  • Whether you race SX, MX Enduro or SM, this is perfect for you.
  • Also, ideal for all recreational users, keeping your bike cooler for longer.
  • This is a direct replacement part, however, does take a little time for installation.
  • The OEM part comes apart in 2 pieces where we have this moulded as 1.
  • Please see where moulded 3-way section replaces 2 metal hoses which are what causes the problem with this part.
  • Also, reduces chance of component failure, standard part is prone to leaking also.
  • Goodbye, leaky joints & blockages.
  • Single moulded y shape hoses reduce leaks & joint failure.
  • Extremely high burst pressures.
  • Lowers running temperature by up to 9°F.
  • Longer life.

All product images presented are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from actual product depending on bike application.