SKU: MOTPI70-100-19-TT-NHS

Motoz Terrapactor TPI 70/100-19 (42M) NHS Intermediate MX Front Tube Tyre

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Product Description

Terrapactor TPI (Intermediate)

The latest addition to the Motoz MX tyre range is the Terrapactor TPI (MX intermediate) competition tyre. Engineered with a lightweight carcass and designed to excel in intermediate to hard terrain (mix of loose and packed soil, hard packed soil with deep heavy ruts). The benchmark for MX tyre performance across multiple types of terrain!

  • Application – MX.
  • Track Conditions – Intermediate to hard terrain (mix of loose and packed soil, hard packed soil and deep heavy ruts).
  • The TPI tyre stands out with its distinctive pattern, specifically crafted to deliver top performance.
  • By strategically incorporating flex points within the carcass and knobs, the TPI tyre provides predictability and enhanced corner grip, adapting and flexing according to the terrain to give greater control and confidence while riding.
  • Experience the ultimate in performance and versatility with the Terrapactor TPI (MX intermediate) competition tyre, a true game-changer for riders tackling intermediate to hard terrains.
  • Full range from Mini-Cross to Big bikes (15 different sizes).
  • Two front tyre sizes, 80/100-21 for the most aggressive on track performance and the all-new 90/100-21 with a taller profile for increased contact patch and better feel and feedback under race conditions.
  • Unique flex zones built into carcass and knobs for improved feel and compliance.
  • Flex zones incorporated into all tread rows to improve corning feel and drive.
  • All new inner sidewall construction for improved compliance in corners and in a straight line.

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