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Moto-Master Honda Rear Brake Lines

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Honda Rear Brake Lines - Model & Year
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Product Description

Brake Lines

  • The Moto-Master steel braided brake lines are lightweight and durable. They provide a significant increase in feel and response due to reduced flex compared to a standard OEM plastic line.
  • Brake line consists of seamless extruded PTFE hose liner with a stainless steel wired braid which is protected by a durable and lightweight PVC covering.
  • Stainless steel banjos are used to eliminate any possible corrosion, and are adjustable to ensure torque-free mounting.
  • The brake lines come with washers and fitment instructions.
  • Stainless braided brake lines eliminate that “spongy” feeling of standard plastic brake lines.
  • These brake lines are designed for original replacement. For use with Moto-Master's Supermoto Master cylinder.

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