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Moto-Master SWM Rear - Flame Fixed Disc

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  Flame Series Discs


  • Moto-Master Flame is a bolt-on performance upgrade.
  • Flame shaped venting slots follow the direction of movement of the brake pad. This allows for bigger venting slots for better cooling without creating excessive brake pad wear, like other brands.
  • Flame shaped outer perimeter increases surface and supports brake pad on outside perimeter. The advantage of this is better cooling without excessive brake pad wear and no tilting of brake pad = smooth feel.
  • An equal amount of contact between brake pad and disc throughout the whole disc rotation. Allowing for perfect modulation, smooth-predictable braking action.
  • Manufactured from premium quality stainless steel with a unique double-sided grinding process. This process reduces bending and warping, increasing lifespan, and eliminates the spongy feel at lever.
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