Transport your ride securely with RHK

Author: Rhi JTR  

Lock and load with RHK!

Keeping your ride secured when transporting it is a necessity, so many bikes get damaged by a bad tie-down job which often results in an expensive tragedy that didn’t need to happen.  RHK Heavy duty Tie Downs are designed to help you safely and securely transport your motorcycle, ATV, Scooter or PWC.

1” wide, 72” long military grade nylon-straps with load bearing of up to 750kg, these RHK universal tie downs have a rust-resistant non-slip adjuster with a heavy duty spring-loaded safety lock for extra protection.  

Transit accidents are completely unavoidable with use of the correct tie downs and with this RHK heavy duty option, you’re ready to lock and load and get your bike safely to its next destination. 


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