Motoz Tubes

Author: Rhi JTR   Date Posted:1 April 2020 

Isolating with your bike?  Looking for modifications you can do to your ride before your freedom returns?  Stay with us for the next few weeks where we’ll be showing you a number of branded, high-quality products that you can fit at home, which will make a different to your bike, your style and your riding experience. 

Motoz Tubes

For peace of mind whilst on the track or adventure trail, fitting a heavy-duty inner tube is a must.   

Motoz offer a selection of ‘fit and forget’ tubes in several thicknesses allowing you to decide on which one best suits your bike and your riding conditions.   


Discover Motoz 4mm Uber tubes.  


Offering versions with both a straight valve and an offset valve, specifically designed for KTM adventure bikes, converting OEM tubeless adventure wheels into tube type.  With the rear tube weighing just over 2.4Kg, these tubes are almost bullet proof, and are a must for all you adventurers looking for extreme performance and reliability during your ride.


Watch John Titman and Rob Turton fit a brand new Motoz 4mm Uber Ultra Heavy Duty Tube with Offset Valve >



Made specifically for those who push their tyres to the limit in the roughest of environments. Perfect for intense conditions, the MX range of Heavy Duty Motoz Tubes provides outstanding protection against punctures and pinch flats, used by those who want the very best for their off-road bike. 


Check out these RHK Universal Tyre Levers, made from cold forged aluminium for added strength.  Perfect to complete the job! 


JTR are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of Motoz.

Check out their full range of products here.

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