Aliant Lithium Battery MX / Enduro - 500 to 650cc

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Product Description

Aliant Lithium Battery MX / Enduro


  • 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty.
  • Made in Italy.
  • 15-20% lighter than other Lithium Batteries.
  • Ultra Slim Design - Up to 50% smaller case than other lithium batteries.
  • LiFePO4 Technology (Lithium Ion Phosphate) Maximum safety, explosion proof.
  • 50% lighter than Lead Acid Batteries.
  • Longer life cycles than any other! Up to 3000 charge / discharge cycles.
  • Battery can withstand up to 12,000 starts - unmatched value.
  • Ultra-Rapid charge 100% in less than 40 minutes.
  • Ultra-Rapid partial charge, 50% in less than 2 minutes.
  • Last up to 5-10 times longer than traditional batteries.
  • 100% Sealed & Waterproof, no environment contamination.
  • Can be mounted in any position.
  • Ultra-Power even at low temperature.
  • Active embedded microprocessor control makes the battery safer than any other whilst ensuring longer life, greater durability and the best performance.
  • Easy to stock - 6 batteries cover the entire motrocycle range.
  • Compatible with some commercial chargers / maintainers. Such as Deltran Battery.
  • Tender 400 800, Tecmate Optimum Lithium, and CTEC XS800-XS3600-Lithium.
  • Available for most ATV, Enduro, Motocross and road motorcycles.
  • Trusted & used by some of the World's top race teams.
  • Although every effort is made to ensure provided information is correct, Aliant accepts no liability for any errors or any consequences which may arise due to such errors. Aliant also reserves the right to change specifications, discontinue or introduce new products without prior notice. All product images presented are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from actual product depending on bike application.


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